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Gersang Tarigan

President Director

2019 was a year full of challenges for PT Krakatau Daya Listrik. The decrease in electricity demand in industrial estate due to low electricity-uptake especially by steel industry consumers, in turn, causing PT KDL’s power plant to not operate in full capacity. Similarly, the changes in regulation on gas-business field brought limitations in Company’s gas-business development. Operation wise, PT KDL also experienced extraordinary challenges in 2019 with the power blackout throughout PLN’s Jawa-Bali power plants that eventually interrupted our supply to customers.

Nevertheless, those challenges somewhat acted as trigger for everyone in PT KDL to be more eager, hardworking and smartworking in order to maintain the excellent performance. Breakthrough measures were taken, in form of aggresive cost-cutting to balance out the income decrease, combining the power generating process together with utilization of excess power with lower prices, and executing non-productive asset optimization program. In addition to that, to ensure the revenue from gas-business is maintainable, PT KDL has initiated communication and approach with related authority and also developing collaboration scheme with PGN so that the revenue from gas-business shall remain for years to come. From operation aspect, sustainable improvements were completed to increase plant efficiency with lower heat rate.

The Company understands well that the electrical-business market share is highly promising and evergrowing. Electrical-business market coverage and reinforcement in industrial area were continuously expanded and also the development of market outside industrial area until finally able to cover nationwide.

Various breakthrough were performed to reinforce electrical-service business foundation by establishing collaboration with strategic partners. A number of collaboration and Memorandum of Understanding were signed in 2019 including the Energy Management Project with PT Krakatau Bandar Samudera, Electrical Equipment and Boiler Operation & Maintenance Agreement with PTKS, the Electricity Service Maintenance Project with PT Krakatau Semen Indonesia, Technical Cooperation Agreement with PT Sulzer Indonesia, and Distribution and Energy-Saving Lighting Installation Cooperation with PT Primamitra Abadi Sentosa.

Amidst the business challenges specifically in regulational limitations and PLN’s oversupply situation, the Company has made thorough re-examinations on projects that are supposedly executed in 2019. Company has decided to cancel the construction project of CFSPP 1x150 MW as the project funding were limited and also considering the PLNS’s oversupply situation that will magnify the project risk. The Company also postponed the construction of Top-Gas Recovery Turbine (TRT) as there were shift in operation plan of PTKS’s

Blast Furnace. Nevertheless, the Company’s going concern remains as focus in order to ensure Company’s development and growth in the future. One of the Company’s focus is the development of renewable energy business. The construction of rooftop solar PV with the capacity of 103 kWp has been initiated and scheduled to start generating electricity by early 2020. The Company has also signed the construction agreement for Floating Solar Power Plant with PT Krakatau Tirta Industri with the capacity of 14 mWp. Moreover, the

Company also share its focus on electrical service business by renovating and modernize the workshop in order to increase sales and ensuring better service performance for customers.

Internal upgrading were continuously performed to ensure the achievement for excellent performance. The Company has reshaped the organization structure by reducing number of positions including downsizing for Board of Directors from previously 4 (four) person to 3 (three) person. Profit Enhancement program were executed to enhance profit amidst the decrease of electricity demand in industrial estate, and also other efficiency programs in various sector. Renegotiation with supplier and lender were made to reduce goodsand- service procurement cost and obtaining lower interest rate.

The Company devoted significant focus on human capital as Company’s most important asset. Employee regeneration were performed by appointing employees who have passed the management trainee phase for 1 (one) year. Human capital development were continuously carried out through promotion and mutation program, internal and external education and training, and enrichment on competency the Company holds currently in terms of development of renewable energy and electrical business.

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