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LSK PPSDM KEBTKE Conducts KDL Employee Competency Certification Test

Monday 09:42 / Sep 23, 2019

Cilegon, 11-13 September 2019

On September 11-13, 2019, located in the work area, PT Krakatau Daya Listrik invited LSK PPSDM KEBTKE to certify employee competencies in Krakatau Daya Listrik, especially employees of the Operation & Maintenance Division. This competency certification aims to fulfill the competencies of employees who work in the electricity sector that are required to be certified in accordance with Law No. 30 of 2009 concerning Electricity. There are three stages of certification, namely the written test, practical test, and interview, the results of which are recommendations on whether participants can be recommended for certification. A total of 60 employees took the competency certification test from level 2 to level 6, which consisted of 21 people in the power sector, 25 people in the distribution field, and 14 people in the transmission field.

After going through a series of certifications, LSK PPSDM KEBTKE through Mr. Agus Yulianto as the leader of the assessor team stated that the 60 participants were declared to be certified certified. Furthermore, these results will be brought to the head of the LSK and processed at the Director General of Electricity to be issued a competency certificate. Mr. Hendri as Director of Operations in his closing remarks thanked the cooperation of the LSK PPSDM KEBTKE in carrying out this series of competency certification tests and hoped that this certification could support employee performance. Mr. Hendri also hopes that in the future the competency certification can be expanded in the area of certification so that it can support the O&M workforce supply plan for power plants / IPPs outside Krakatau Daya Listrik.

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