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Six Employees Attend ESQ Retirement Preparation Training (MPP)

Thursday 16:15 / Nov 21, 2019

Employee welfare at work should be a concern given by the company, including when the employee enters retirement age. This is stated in the Collective Labor Agreement (PKB) between the union and management where the company can provide employee retirement preparation training with the aim that employees can prepare themselves at retirement so they can continue to develop themselves and continue to live with happiness, health, and welfare. In meeting these demands, PT KDL included six employees along with their spouses to take part in the Retirement Preparation Training (MPP) held by ESQ MPP which is a member of the ESQ Group.

For four days from 1-4 October 2019 at the Harris Sentul Hotel, the six employees participated in a series of trainings such as seminars on wisdom living, financial planning, health in old age, and entrepreneurship. The materials are delivered by experienced trainers in their respective fields and packaged in an interesting, interactive, and open presentation with questions from the participants.

In addition to the seminar, participants were invited to visit three places in the Bogor area that could inspire activities or businesses that could be worked on when they retire later. The first place is the AAA organic garden. In this garden, the participants were given material by Mr. Hendrik as the owner of the garden where he was involved in the field of organic plants and self-taught and successfully produced quality products. This is evidenced by the many famous restaurants that subscribe to vegetables from this garden. The second place is Batik Handayani which is owned by Mrs. Sri Ratna Handayani who was once a housewife but has an interest in the world of batik until now has her own patented brand and has her own boutique. The last place was the Bogasari Training Center where participants were invited to make chicken noodles directly and were given information on selecting good raw materials to make a culinary business.

During the training course, the participants felt happy and gained a lot of knowledge to face retirement later. Mr. Gersang Tarigan as the President Director of PT KDL in his remarks at the closing ceremony of the MPP Training said that the most important thing from this training is that retired mothers feel ready to take life after retirement and the company is ready to transfer knowledge to replace the duties of retired employees. He also said that three important things that must be considered when retiring later are managing finances, managing hearts, and opening up. (ap)

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