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KDL-KNSS Agree on Preventive Predictive Maintenance Contract

Wednesday 09:02 / Jul 29, 2020

To maintain the reliability of production, the performance of electrical equipment and machinery is important to maintain. Machine maintenance becomes crucial and plays an important role not only in the production process, but also in the company's revenue output. PT Krakatau Daya Listrik (PT KDL) understands the importance of this treatment process.

With a main focus on helping the smooth running of industrial business processes in the Cilegon Industrial Estate Area (KIEC), PT KDL, which is now also engaged as a provider of electricity services in the field of Operation & Maintenance, Repair Overhaul (O & MRO) as well as Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Electricity, is now beginning penetrated markets outside KIEC to the national sphere.

One proof of PT KDL's commitment in sustaining the smooth business of customers is proven by the successful signing of a joint contract between HR & GA Director of PT Krakatau Nippon Steel Synergy (PT KNSS), Arief Purnomo with the President Director of PT KDL, Gersang Tarigan on June 19, 2020 in the Meeting Room Together with PT KNSS related to Preventive, Predictive and Breakdown Maintenance Services.

On this occasion it was agreed that PT KDL's support would provide maintenance services to support the smooth operation of production and fulfillment of work performance. The work contract also agreed on a number of work scopes which became the main focus, namely, PT KDL will conduct Preventive and Predictive Maintenance of 20 kV MV Switchgear equipment, Transformers, LV Panel ACB, Capacitor Bank along with several other optional jobs.

In addition, PT KNSS also entrusted the Overhaul and Rewinding process of its electric motors to PT KDL with a capacity of up to 250 kW. The scheme that will be implemented for this work contract is Spot Service Maintenance and Periodic Preventive Maintenance with a work contract period valid from 1 June 2020 to 31 May 2021.

There are several benefits to be gained by PT KNSS with the achievement of this work contract agreement, among others, fast response service 24 hours a day seven days a week, the performance of electrical equipment and motorcycles that are continuously monitored during the contract period is valid, the contract price is certain and competitive compared to work spot, the availability of all equipment needed to maintain the performance of electrical and motorized equipment, a guarantee during the contract period and a simplified work management process.

According to Arief Purnomo, this agreement is a solution to maintain the smooth production process of the company that puts high quality and high-quality steel to industrial customers. "We hope that with the experience and capabilities of PT KDL, all production supporting electrical devices can be well maintained and even improve their performance," Arief Purnomo said.

The same thing was expressed by Gersang Tarigan who was committed to always providing the best service to customers in accordance with applicable standards and conditions. "We will always support PT KNSS to get the best service by maintaining quality, price and timeliness," said arid Tarigan.

Throughout 2020, PT KNSS has entrusted the work of Overhaul Motor RTF, Recondition 3 phase induction motor 2 HP and Motor Oil Pump Compressor and Motor RTF GAPL to PT KDL and can be completed properly without further problems. (hag)

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