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Customer Engagement Meeting in the Midst of the 19th Pandemic

Wednesday 09:04 / Jul 29, 2020

In addition to service quality, PT Krakatau Daya Listrik (KDL) is also committed that customer satisfaction is a priority aspect. KDL realizes that customer satisfaction is an important component to support business sustainability.

To be able to meet customer satisfaction, KDL strives to always communicate regularly with customers to find out market conditions and get advice to be able to provide excellent service.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently faced by people in almost all parts of the world, KDL is aware that business conditions, especially in the Krakatau Industrial Estate, will be affected. For this reason KDL carried out the Customer Engagement agenda by inviting 13 large customers.

KDL Customer Engagement Meeting (CAM) was held from 22 April 2020 to 15 May 2020 for the first period. With the limitations of the conditions currently faced by CAM implemented through teleconferences through the Zoom Meeting application and Microsoft Teams. CAM itself was attended by the Board of Director of KDL and customers, Accounting Manager, Maintenance & Operation Manager, CSBU Manager and staff.

Besides aiming to build closeness with consumers, CAM aims to share information about COVID-19 responses in each company as well as to share in-depth understanding related to the current business conditions of customers. With the existence of CAM, KDL is expected to be able to identify issues, map the results of discussions and understand how to solve customer problems.

From CAM activities it is known that KDL customers experience different effects amid the current pandemic conditions. Some companies with core business as the main provider of food did not experience a significant decrease in production, while companies with steel core business experienced significant impacts. The decrease in impact was caused by the end-users of each of the majority customers, which are the automotive and construction markets in the Greater Jakarta area.

To respond to complaints from these customers, KDL seeks win win solutions for all parties. Furthermore KDL released a relaxation program that is expected to help customers to continue to maintain business continuity together. Some programs issued by KDL are 50% discount on electricity consumption costs for 900 VA household consumers and S2 social groups (mosque & orphanage), 50% discount for S3 social costs (hospitals - RSKM), leave for power Industrial Consumers in Medium Voltage with certain conditions, and Early Time Pay Incentives for Industrial Consumers in Medium Voltage with certain conditions.

At present these programs have started to run. KDL hopes that customers will be helped by these programs in the midst of difficult business conditions today. And KDL is committed to continuing to communicate regularly with customers as a follow-up from the CAM.

With more or less KDL's attention to customers, hopefully the value of customer engagement and satisfaction with KDL services will continue to increase. KDL believes that customer trust is an important factor that must be maintained. Departing from this spirit, hopefully it will help KDL to continue to progress and develop. (MRAJ)

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