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Replacing Gersang Tarigan, Agus Nizar Vidiansyah is now the President Director of PT KDL

Monday 11:13 / Nov 23, 2020

Rotation of officials at the level of Directors within the Krakatau Steel Group is a common practice in accordance with the decision made by PT Krakatau Steel (Persero), Tbk as the holding company. This is often done to provide refreshment and equality of experience in leading subsidiaries with different businesses.

As of Monday, November 2, 2020, the incumbent's President Director, Mr. Gersang Tarigan, was officially replaced by Mr. Agus Nizar Vidiansyah. This is stated in the Shareholders' Decree dated November 2, 2020 concerning the Dismissal of Members of the Board of Directors and the Appointment of the Acting President Director.

Every time the change of officers of the Board of Directors, PT KDL holds a Farewell and Welcome event for the President Director. At this time, a farewell and welcome event was held on November 5, 2020, at Bistro Banten, Royal Krakatau Hotel. The event was attended by the former President Director, Mr. Gersang Tarigan, as well as officials from the Directors, Commissioners, Managers and Superintendents of PT KDL.

The atmosphere was quite warm and emotional because Mr. Gersang had served in the PT KDL environment for approximately 3 years. The man born in North Sumatra expressed his gratitude and appreciation for all the support and cooperation of all employees of PT KDL. As a memento, Mr. Gersang was given a souvenir from PT KDL and the KDL United Employees Union.

Besides the farewell, PT KDL also welcomed the new President Director, Mr. Agus Nizar Vidiansyah. The man who is familiarly called Mr. Vidi was previously the President Director of PT Krakatau Tirta Industri (PT KTI). In his remarks, he expressed his gratitude to Mr. Gersang for his devotion at KDL. Furthermore, Mr. Vidi also conveyed his greetings to the employees of PT KDL for their cooperation in the future for a better and more developed PT KDL in the future.

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