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Seeing the Electrical Services Business Facilities, Mr. Silmy Karim visited the KDL Workshop Workshop

Friday 08:42 / Jun 04, 2021

On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Mr. Silmy Karim as the President Director of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero), Tbk paid a visit to the Workshop owned by PT KDL located at CM I. The arrival of Mr. Silmy, the President Commissioner and his entourage were welcomed by the Directors and Managers of PT KDL. This visit was carried out in order to know the facilities of the PT KDL Workshop and the delivery of plans for opening access roads to the Workshop from the Cilegon highway by PT KDL management.

Mr. Silmy during his visit conveyed many inputs and directions related to PT KDL's business development which currently focuses on electricity services, one of which is supported by workshop facilities. In principle, he fully supports the efforts that will be made by PT KDL to develop the business, especially with the company's high revenue target from the electricity service business line so that it can compete in the national electricity business arena.

The workshop is one of PT KDL's facilities specifically for electrical service work operated by the CSBU Division. The workshop is equipped with a 100 Ton Crane, a power source for testing Motors up to 10 kV, Balancing Machines up to 1.5m in diameter, and SIEMENS high voltage testing equipment, and supported by PT Sulzer Indonesia and Siemens Indonesia.

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