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KDL Successfully Implements SAP

Friday 13:34 / Sep 10, 2021

PT KDL together with PT KIT successfully implemented SAP S/4HANA as a new information system. The success of the implementation was marked by the implementation of Go Live SAP S/4HANA which was held last Monday (9/8) online via Zoom. The Go Live event was attended by the Board of Directors from PT KDL, PT KIT, PT KS management representatives, and the SAP KDL & KIT Implementation team.

Go Live begins with remarks from the Board of Directors and continues with the Final Progress Report submitted by PMOs from the two companies (KDL & KIT), namely Mr. Ermawanto & Mr. Hiday. In their reports, the two PMOs describe the implementation process which was carried out starting in February 2021 and was successfully implemented a month earlier, namely in August 2021. In addition, the modules implemented were 6 modules, namely FI, CO, MM, PM, QM, and HCM.

The Go Live event continued with the first transaction in the MM module which indicated that SAP had been successfully implemented and ready to be used by KDL. The first transaction was carried out by Mrs. Sisca & Mrs. Ratih as key users of the MM module. The event closed with a video screening of the SAP implementation journey from February to August 2021.

The success of the SAP S/4HANA implementation should be appreciated because it is one of the transformations directed by PT KS as the parent company. In addition, PT KDL can also benefit greatly, especially in terms of facilitating transaction needs in the integrated KDL system and providing reports for business analysis. These things will certainly increase the company's competitiveness and consumer confidence in the company.

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