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KDL Signs Cooperation with KBS and Two Partners Regarding Green Port Infrastructure Development

Friday 13:39 / Sep 10, 2021

As a continuation of the Energy Management System and Business Development Cooperation that was agreed in 2019, KDL with PT KBS and PT Enertec Mitra Solusi with PT Empat Mitra Indika Tenaga held the signing of an MoU on the Cooperation Plan in the Development and Management of Green Port Infrastructure in Krakatau International Port area through Solar PV Installation. The signing will take place on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, in Jakarta. The event was attended by Mr. Vidiansyah (Director of KDL), Mr. M. Akbar (Director of PT KBS), Mrs. Mada Ayu (President Director of PT Enertec Mitra Solusi) and Mr. Yovie Priadi (President Director of PT Empat Mitra Indika Solar Power).

The four companies agreed to plan to conduct a study for a cooperation plan in the development and management of green port infrastructure in the port area belonging to PT KBS through the installation of solar PV. KDL as a company engaged in the energy sector is trusted by PT KBS in this development and in collaboration with PT Enertec Mitra Solusi with PT Empat Mitra Indika Tenaga. The development is intended to be mutually beneficial between parties and increase regional competitiveness. For KDL itself, this collaboration can add to its track record as an energy company that develops new and renewable energy.

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