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KDL Holds a Series of Important Events on 27 August 2021

Friday 13:56 / Sep 10, 2021

On Friday (27/8), Krakatau Daya Listrik held several important events in the development of the company's business. KDL inaugurated the Electrical Services Workshop which was attended by the President Director of KS, Silmy Karim; KS Business Development Director, Purwono Widodo; KDL President Commissioner, Main Man; KSI President Director, Priyo Budianto; KDL President Director, Agus Nizar Vidiansyah; and the board of directors of PT KDL.

To strengthen the electrical services business line, KDL collaborates with companies that have experience in this specialization, namely PT Sulzer Indonesia and PT Siemens Indonesia. The signing of the MoU was carried out after the inauguration of the virtual workshop with the president director of each company.

As a company that is developing towards the EBT business, especially in the Krakatau Industrial Estate, KDL entered into a cooperation agreement in the design & construction of PLTS Rooftop with Krakatau Steel and KHI Pipe Industries. The signing of the MoU was held between the Director of KDL with the Director of Business Development of KS & the President Director of KHI Pipe Industries. The capacity of the PLTS Rooftop to be built is up to 400 kWp.

Digitalization in the company's business processes has been implemented by KDL using SAP S/4HANA since August 9, 2021. Six modules have been successfully executed with a month's faster completion than the set target. With the implementation of SAP, KDL can run business processes more quickly, accurately, & consolidated with companies in the Krakatu Steel & Group environment.

On this occasion, PT KDL also opened a Mini Expo for electricity services which aims to serve as a means of information and provide solutions to consumers for the needs of electrical EPC (HV, MV, LV), PLTU O&M, PLTGU O&M and O&M Transmission and Distribution networks (HV, MV, LV), transformer and motor repair and solar cell PV solutions. In this Mini Expo, PT KDL will also hold a seminar to provide education about electrical equipment and the importance of reliability in a company's production system. The mini expo will be held on 30-31 August 2021, inviting KDL customers in the Krakatau Industrial Estate and nationally.

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