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Promoting the Electrical Services Business Line, KDL Holds a Mini Expo

Friday 14:11 / Sep 10, 2021

As a continuation of the inauguration ceremony last Friday, KDL held a Mini Expo Integrated Electricity Solution for two days (30-31 August 2021) at the workshop. The event invited representatives from KDL customers, especially in the Krakatau Industrial Estate environment and was held in a hybrid manner (online via Zoom & offline).

The event was officially opened by the Director of Operations, Mr. Hendri. Furthermore, a seminar was held by three speakers by:

1. Dwi Januar (PT Siemens Indonesia) regarding Transformer Asset Management

2. Puntoko (PT Krakatau Daya Listrik) regarding Reliability in Medium Voltage Equipment

3. M. Rizky Habibie (PT Krakatau Daya Listrik) regarding Electrical Services Solution PT KDL

A question and answer session was held after the presentations of the speakers to provide an opportunity for guests to explore further information related to the material that had been given.

The event was closed with visits to booths about the service lines offered by PT KDL including:

1. Photovoltaic Solution

2. Transformer Integrated Solution

3.Transmission Distribution Solution

4. Smart Grid Solution

At these booths, customers can ask about the services offered by PT KDL that can be a solution to problems related to electricity in their respective industries.

* The event continues to apply health prokes & is limited to only those who have been vaccinated (minimum dose 1) who can enter

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