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KDL Contributes to English Competency Improvement Program for Orphans at Tunas Baja Cilegon Orphanage

Thursday 16:10 / Sep 19, 2019

Cilegon, 6 September 2019

Every citizen has the right to get an education, as stated in UU No 31 paragraph (1) of the UUD 1945 concerning the Right to Education. Therefore, PT KDL through its CSR program seeks to provide attention and assistance to every line of life, one of which is fundamental is education. Starting with the offer of cooperation from LIA Professional Education Language Institution (LBPP), PT KDL together with PT KBS and PT KTI helped to realize an English language competency improvement program for orphans Tunas Baja Cilegon Orphanage.This program will be attended by 18 children of Tunas Baja Orphanage who are currently attending high school.

The course program to be followed is the English for Adults (EA) program which is a program designed for high school students who want to improve their thinking skills in addition to learning English with activities that are problem solving. The duration of study is 15 sessions which will be held once a week.

The Joint CSR Program was launched on Friday, September 6, 2019 at the Tunas Baja Orphanage Hall at 15.30 WIB. The event was attended by Mr. Hendri (Operations Director of PT KDL), LIA Manager, representatives from PT KBS, PT KTI, chairman of the Tunas Baja Orphanage, and KSG Periska. The event opened with remarks from each company representative and Periska then symbolically giving of the cooperation program and closed with a tour of the orphanage building.

In his remarks, Mr. Hendri said that PT KDL always tried to give attention to the field of education especially for orphans. He also conveyed the importance of competence in the field of English in the era of globalization which in addition to being beneficial for self-development can also be beneficial to improve individual competitiveness in the midst of the development of the globalization era. (ap)

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