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Commemorating National Teacher's Day, KDL Holds Voluntary Hours at MDTA An-Nizhomiyah

Monday 14:04 / Jan 27, 2020

This November, PT Krakatau Daya Listrik (PT KDL) held Voluntary Hours at An-Nizhomiyah MDTA located in Samang Raya Village, Cilegon, by utilizing the momentum of the National Teacher's Day which fell on November 25th. This social event was held on Friday, November 29, 2019, which was attended by the directors, management, employees of PT KDL as well as the staff of the MDTA management An-Nizhomiyah.

Dozens of KDL employees carry out social activities in the madrasa environment such as cleaning the environment, painting the classroom, and counseling health about Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) to the teachers. This activity lasts for three hours and aims to provide positive changes to the madrasa environment so that teaching and learning activities can be more conducive.

As a form of support for the implementation of education, PT KDL provides assistance in the form of 1 (one) unit of refrigerator, 7 (seven) units of ATK cabinets for each class, and a red and white flag to the madrasa. This assistance was symbolically given by Mr. Gersang Tarigan as the President Director of PT KDL to Mr. Drs. H. Makhtum Mansur as Chairperson of An-Nizhomiyah Islamic Education Foundation.

Mr. Gersang in his remarks said that the implementation of Voluntary Hours and the provision of assistance this time were a form of PT KDL's commitment to pay attention to the social conditions in the environment, especially the world of education. "We entrust the teachers to be able to continue to be enthusiastic in preparing human resources, for generations to come, to be able to compete at a higher level," he said. He hopes that children in the region can become leaders and become a milestone for positive change in their surroundings.

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