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Together with Krakatau Steel Group, KDL Distributed Sacrificial Animals to the Cilegon Community

Monday 11:08 / Aug 03, 2020

Sacrifice Day every year becomes a moment to worship while sharing with those who are less able. Together with Krakatau Steel Group, KDL also distributed sacrificial animals in the form of cows, buffaloes and goats to five districts in the city of Cilegon, namely Grogol District, Purwakarta District, Citangkil District, Ciwandan District, and Jombang District.

The sacrificial animals distributed by KSG totaled 12 (twelve) buffalos, 15 (fifteen) cows, and 77 (seventy seven) goats. The distribution ceremony was held symbolically on Thursday, July 30, 2020 at the Al-Muthowir Mosque, which was attended by the KSG Management and representatives of officials from each district.

PT KDL through its CSR program also contributed sacrificial animals to be distributed on behalf of the company. This year, PT KDL donated 2 (two) cows to DKM Nurul Ikhlas of the Great Mosque of Cilegon and Samangraya Village, Citangkil District, Cilegon, and 5 (five) goats donated to RT & RW in the Maja Mausoleum, Tegal Ratu, Kepuh , and also Citangkil MUI. The sacrificial animals were distributed on Thursday, July 20, 2020 by KDL representatives to the representatives of each local RT & RW.

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