Corporate Social Responsibility

Helping Persons with Disabilities, KDL Provides Wheelchairs to the City Government of Cilegon

Monday 13:56 / May 24, 2021

On Wednesday, April 28, 2021, the Deputy Mayor of Cilegon, Mr. H. Sanuji Pentamarta, S.IP visited PT KDL in order to provide material in the Ramadan Study which is routinely held by DKM As-Sulthon PT KDL ba'da prayer Dzuhur. The theme presented on this occasion was Al-Quran Printing Excellent HR which was in accordance with the Nuzulul Quran moment which fell on the 17th of Ramadan 1442 H. The study was attended by the directors and employees of PT KDL who were present in person or online.

The Ramadan Study Program was also accompanied by the handover of 25 wheelchairs to the Cilegon City Government. The handover was made symbolically from the President Director of PT KDL, Mr. A.N. Vidiansyah to Mr. H. Sanuji together with officials from the Cilegon City Government Social Service. Persons with disabilities in the city of Cilegon who reach 1,400 still need assistance in the form of wheelchairs to help with their daily activities. Therefore, PT KDL also helps the Cilegon City Government in helping people with disabilities, especially in the City of Cilegon.

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