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KDL Retirement Employee Farewell for 2021

Friday 15:49 / Nov 12, 2021

Six KDL employees have entered their retirement period in 2021 and were ceremonially released on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at the Krakatau Royale Hotel. The six employees are

1. Mr. Uung Nurdin

2. Mr. Soleh

3. Mr. Sudarma K

4. Mr. Asep Sumaryana

5. Mr. Rudi Iriana

6. Mr. Agus Sujana

The discharge of retired employees was attended by the Board of Directors, Managers, SKB KDL chairman, and employee representatives. As a sign of appreciation, the retired employees were given certificates and souvenirs by the company, the Board of Directors, and the KDL SKB.

Congratulations on entering your retirement period, all Commissioners, Directors, and employees would like to thank you for your dedication and good contributions during your time as employees at KDL. May you always be healthy and happy.

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