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KDL Signs MoU on Business Cooperation Utilizing Carbon Dioxide Processing

Thursday 09:25 / Nov 18, 2021

PT Krakatau Daya Listrik (KDL) and PT Chemindo Inti Usaha signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the development and business partnership in the field of utilizing carbon dioxide processing, Friday (29/10/2021).

President Director of PT KDL Agus Nizar Vidiansyah and Director of PT Chemindo Inti Usaha Suharmanto attended the MoU directly.

Suzanto, the owner of PT Chemindo Inti Usaha, who has had business experience in the field of carbon dioxide processing since the 1980s, also witnessed the signing of the collaboration.

President Director of PT KDL Agus Nizar Vidiansyah said this collaboration was carried out in order to support the government's program in implementing the ratification of the Paris Agreement on controlling environmental pollution, especially carbon emissions.

"In addition, the results of this carbon dioxide will be reprocessed to become products that can be sold in the market, including for beverage products, food, oil and gas lifting," said Agus Nizar in a written statement received by TitikNOL.

Agus said that this collaboration is expected to increase PT KDL's revenue.

"This project is expected to be developed for other industries including outside Cilegon as a new business portfolio for PT KDL," he concluded.

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