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Penetration of PT Krakatau Daya Listrik's Electricity Services (O&M, E&C and Workshop) to Star Energy (Barito Group)

Tuesday 14:17 / May 30, 2023

PT Krakatau Daya Listrik through the Service Business Unit (SBU) penetrates electrical service products in the form of Operation and Maintenance (O&M), Electric Motor and Transformer Workshop and Engineering and Construction (E&C) to Star Energy Drajat, Garut and Wayang Windu in Pengalengan, Bandung.

Wayang Windu as one of the largest geothermal power plant facilities in Indonesia owned by Star Energy has the potential to optimize SBU KDL's services product capabilities. During the visit, in addition to promoting service products, the SBU KDL team also observed the process of geothermal extraction, conversion into electrical energy, and sustainable maintenance of facilities from the power plant company which has now become a sister company because it is in one Barito Group.

This electricity penetration aims to improve Star Energy's operational efficiency and electricity performance. PT Krakatau Daya Listrik, with their expertise and experience in the energy industry, will assist Star Energy in meeting its growing electricity demand by providing quality O&M, E&C and Workshop services.

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