Electrical Workshop Services

Workshop services are one of the major business that PT KDL has capability and long experience. PT KDL serves a variety of electrical needs ranging from installation, repair, reconditioning and rewinding of transformers, electric motors, generators or magnetic blocks.

Tools and Facility

  1. Overhead Crane 100/10 Ton
  2. Overhead Crane 30/5 Ton
  3. Mechanical Tools
  4. Electrical Tools
  5. Test Equipment
  6. Oil Storage
  7. Oil Purification Machine
  8. Balancing Motor Machine
  9. Welding Tools and many others workshop services.

List of Experiences

  1. Repair Furnace Transformer
  2. Service OLTC Electric Arc Furnace
  3. Purification Oil Transformer, Gasket & Bushing Replacement
  4. Transformer Inspection
  5. Dissolved Gas Analysis and many more.

Strategic Partnerships

  1. Repair and Maintenance Transformer with PT Siemens Indonesia
  2. Repair Motor with PT Pindad (Persero)

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